Jaime's Yoga & Mindfulness for Children


Jaime makes yoga and mindfulness fun for kids

Described by Washington Post as “a modern-day Mary Poppins” and ‘a digital sensation’ by Wall Street Journal, Jaime Amor has a special talent for connecting with kids. So they follow along with her – doing yoga and other movement, learning techniques to stay strong and happy, and occasionally dancing around the place like a loon.

99% of parents see a positive change in their kids’ health after using Cosmic Kids

It might look like they’re just having fun, but this stuff is actually working! We know this because of our regular research and surveying. We’re really proud of our results at every level – from the personal stories of change and happiness happening in homes and classrooms through to the big stats about transformation across the entire population of users of Cosmic Kids.

⭐ 400 million views worldwide!

Available to everyone. Funded by people who can afford to.

Subscribers to our App keep Cosmic Kids afloat, so we can give millions of kids around the world access to healthy screen time for nothing. It’s a virtuous circle!

🚀 Used in over 150k classrooms

We partner with brands to convert their fame into healthy screen time for kids

We’re glad to say many huge brands want us to bring a bit of our healthy goodness (and our intelligent audience) to them – and we jump at the chance to draw down on the love that millions kids have for big brands to meet our own goal to make healthy screen time that kids love. From My Little Pony to Paul McCartney, and The Masked Singer to Sonic the Hedgehog, we have hung out with and created healthy content with some pretty special folk.


We also train ADULTS to be independent kids yoga teachers

Jaime started out teaching in the area where we live and we are determined to help others to teach kids yoga in their communities. It’s important that this stuff happens face to face as well as on-screen. So we have developed very high quality online training at affordable prices, so anyone inspired by Jaime’s teaching can learn exactly how she does it. Almost 5000 people have done our professional training, and more than 30000 have done our free Kids Yoga Crash Course.


We take the learning offline too

It’s not all screen time. We share loads of printables (many of them free) to help you get more out of your Cosmic Kids. From Mental Health Superpowers to posture guides and class plans, we’ll help you take the learning off-line.