Jaime's Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Y o g a   Q u E s t S

Kids love completing our yoga quests, and you’ll love how these free printable adventures help create a healthy new yoga habit!

Just print the pdf out, stick it on the fridge and tick off each video as you work through the playlist. There’s even a certificate to proudly show off their accomplishment at the end.

Have fun!

  • Yoga Quest

    In this quest, you will use yoga to travel through five lands: Sharks Bay, Desert Gorge, Rumbly Jungle, Winter Wonderland, and Party Town.

  • Gaming Yoga Quest

    Immerse yourself in yoga adventures, Super Yogas and Brain Breaks inspired by and related to world-class video games like Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Minecraft!

  • Fairy Tale Yoga Quest

    Step into the enchanting world of yoga adventures inspired by your favourite fairy tales.

  • Ocean Odyssey Yoga Quest

    Embark on a wondrous journey through the deep blue, exploring coral reefs, meeting friendly sea creatures, and uncovering the lost treasures of the ocean.